Nikon, CH-Egg

The architectural concept of the Zurich design studio Atelier WW ( makes provision for the accentuation of individual structures within the steel/glass construction of a building. The strongly coloured structures appear in red and blue behind the facade, while the cube containing the foyer is yellow and projects outwards.

The concrete was produced using wooden shuttering with suction, resulting in few pores and an imprint of the wood grain on the concrete surface. As a particularly homogeneous result was required, the first step was to add levelling layers of the same shade as the concrete construction. This was followed by colour design in several layers. The individual sides of the volumetric designs had to be manufactured from plasterboard. These were also treated with lasuring technology to integrate them into the overall concept.

To article Applica 20/2007
To article Die Mappe 8/2004
To article Themenheft „Erhalten und gestalten“

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Nikon Schweiz AG, CH-Egg b.Zürich
New construction of registered office in Switzerland
920 m² interior space and facade design
ww Architekten, Zürich


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