MTU Maintenance Turbinenwartung, Hannover

The two-storey foyer and conference room were designed as part of the reconstruction of the maintenance facilities for aircraft turbines. The challenge in designing the site-mixed concrete surfaces for the foyer was that warm red shades were to be used to give the room a welcoming touch despite its size. The suspended ceiling appears to be very light - a feature emphasised by choosing blue shades for the lasuring of the lower surface.

The conference room was first lasured in warm shades of ochre and subsequently enlivened with a thin red lasur to emphasise the function of this room as a place of discussion and communication.

To article Themenheft „Erhalten und gestalten“


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MTU Maintenance Turbinenwartung,
New construction of office building
670 m² interior design of foyer and conference area
JMS/Ka Bomhardt + Copla, Berlin


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