European University Viadrina, Frankfurt / Oder

The point of departure for the concrete lasuring design was porous, seriously flawed concrete with replastered areas. Some of the surfaces extended over several floors and were clearly divided into different shuttering elements.

The Berlin firm of architects Yamaguchi+Essig ( specified a patchwork-like distribution of five shades that could be associated with the light reflections of Frankfurt's granite pavements.

The Concrete Lasuring Work Group initially acted in a consulting capacity, compiling reference samples, implementing the colour concept and developing it further in cooperation with the architects.

To article DBZ 2/2003
To article Die Mappe 8/2004
To article Themenheft „Erhalten und gestalten“

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European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/O.
New construction of auditorium and dining hall
2,100 m² atrium, dining hall, staircases


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