Chancellor's office, Berlin

The execution of the exposed concrete surfaces for the new construction of the federal chancellor's offices had to meet stringent requirements. Thus white cement and very light additives were used to create a concrete that resembled sandstone rather than having a grey colour.

The faults that arose during construction as a result of a lack of compaction, irregular drying and other influences had to be given cosmetic treatment to retain the representative character of the building. Coloured filler material was produced for this purpose and partially applied, while differences in the lightness and colour of the exposed concrete were eliminated with concrete lasuring touch-ups.

Community project with Ute Mahling of "Fälscherwerkstatt"

To article Themenheft „Erhalten und gestalten“

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Federal Building Office
New construction of chancellor's office
Exposed concrete touch-ups to external walls
Axel Schultes


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