Colour concept development

We combined colour design skills and architectural expertise with more than 25 years of experience in the practical implementation of lasuring designs. The point of departure for the concept development is the architecture of the planned object and its specific function. Aspects of colour psychology are taken into account, as is the interplay with other three-dimensional elements. This results in plans, original sample portfolios or visualisations.

Implementation planning

We plan the implementation of existing colour concepts by architects and colour designers in monochrome or polychrome lasurs or similar techniques. Our designs are complemented by original samples on site.

Implementation concepts

We develop plans aimed at implementing visions. Our many years of experience in design planning and implementation allow us to find the right method, even for unusual applications. The implementation concepts describe the materials required and their application, including accurate time and cost calculations and, where necessary, also including the production of original samples.

Consulting and renovation

We would be pleased to offer you an on-site consultation on all questions regarding concrete lasurs, from correct shuttering to the choice of colours and layering, using informative picture materials and plans where necessary. We develop detailed cosmetic and touch-up concepts to eliminate construction faults. As an engineering company, our consulting services are billed at the normal HOAI rates.