Concrete cosmetics

When it comes to the cosmetic treatment of concrete, coarse dirt deposits are removed and casting flaws or damage to surfaces and edges are filled in and then ground off and polished to achieve a smooth effect, so that the repair work can no longer be haptically distinguished from the surrounding concrete.

Concrete touch-ups

Where concrete has become discoloured as a result of storage or repair work, inconspicuous touch-ups will help to make repair work less noticeable to the casual observer. - Concrete touch-ups may be used in small areas or over the entire surface to give a calming effect to an irregular surface.

Colour adjustment

Where changes to additives or different production temperatures have caused colour changes to the concrete, large-scale lasuring can produce a more uniform surface colour or adapt the surface colour to an environmental shade.

Concrete imitation

Small- and large-scale filling in can help to imitate the structure and colour of the surrounding concrete; protrusions and cavities can be simulated by means of a "trompe l'oeil" effect, so that repair work is no longer apparent (see concrete cosmetics).

Examples of cosmetic treatment / touch-ups - before and after (pdf download)

Concrete cosmetics