Jürgen Steines

Jürgen Steines



Jürgen Steines

Freelance designer

Born in Elgersburg in 1957

Object design studies at Dortmund Polytechnical College

Studied industrial design at Wuppertal Polytechnical College and High School for the Arts in Berlin

While working, also attended painting master classes with High School of the Arts graduates Peter Braun (Berlin), Elisabeth Brunner (Berlin) and Sigrun Paulsen (Berlin)

Freelancing as a designer of walls and other surfaces since 1990 (JMS-Design, Berlin)

Founding member of the "Concrete Lasuring Work Group", member of the "Silicate Lasuring Work Group"

Areas of specialisation:
Concrete lasuring
historical paint techniques

E-mail: steines@betonlasur.de